Tech Will Save Us Mover Kit Stem Toy

The Mover Kit reacts to your movement in any way you program it to. Run, jump, dance, spin, use it as a lightsaber, a wizard's wand, a police car light - anything! 

You can transform for your Mover Kit in infinite ways! Learn to code it using the Tech Will Save Us simple visual coding interface. When you're done, share it with the entire community so they can enjoy your invention!

Age: 8+
Difficulty: Easy
Making time: 15 minutes

In the box: Check the insert in your kit box to make sure you have all of your components. 

You will need: Internet access

Example projects:
  • Dynamic bike light
  • Racing light
  • Rainbow watch
  • Flashing hairband
  • Colour run

Packaging dimensions: 22.5cm x 20cm x 5cm


Your mover is designed to work with a 9V battery. Don't use a different power source: it would be dangerous and probably break your mover. 

Item Code : TWSU-0152
Manufacturer Code : TKIT_0152
Barcode : 5060402300288
Item in packaging
Length: cm
Width : cm
Height : cm
Weight : kg
Item size and weight
Length: cm
Width : cm
Height : cm
Weight : kg
Capacity : ml
Item details
Material :  

Category: Educational, Tech Will Save Us, Toys

Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: Tech Will Save Us

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