Suck UK Protractor Pizza Cutter

No one likes to share pizza, but if you must have friends round for dinner, you should share fair.

Measure up your pepperoni-feast into six or eight identical pieces, then effortlessly slice with the protractor cutter's rounded blade. The cutter is simple, with no moving parts to get gunked up, or pesky wheels to clean.

Material: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 17cm x 11.5cm x 0.1cm

Manufacturer Code : CUTTERPRO1
Barcode : 5060043067403
Item in packaging
Length: 0.5 cm
Width : 16.2 cm
Height : 20.8 cm
Weight : 0.128 kg
Item size and weight
Length: 0.1 cm
Width : 17 cm
Height : 11.5 cm
Weight : 0.106 kg
Capacity : ml
Item details
Material : Stainless Steel

Category: Food & Drink, Novelty, Suck UK

Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: Suck UK



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